Welcome at Hypnosis for Abdominal Pain

Around the world, 10 to 15% of the children suffer from chronic abdominal pain. That is, of course, a lot!  Our research has shown that daily listening to self-hypnosis exercises is helpful in more than 70% of the children. Using these exercises will also result in fewer visits to doctors or therapists, increased quality of life and a decrease in missed school days. Moreover, children have more self-confidence and sleep better


Abdominal pain: troublesome and annoying

Abdominal pain is a condition that has a lot of impact on children. Many children miss school or can’t enjoy their hobbies or sports. In most children, the chronic abdominal pain is caused by irritable bowels. Several factors such as genetic predisposition, character traits and stress (for example at home or at school) can play a role in irritable bowel syndrome. Since a few years, we can help these children very easily.


The quest for a solution

Three people from the Netherlands (pediatric gastroenterologist, Professor Marc Benninga, pediatrician Dr Arine Vlieger and hypnotherapist Mrs Carla Frankenhuis) have demonstrated that a home-based treatment with self-hypnosis exercises is an effective treatment. Children listen to one of 5 different hypnosis exercises every day and after a few months, 70% of patients have less or zero abdominal pain. This effect is long-lasting: after 5 years, even more, than 85% of the children reports adequate improvement.